Congratulations on being a Hiphub seller!

Wondering about how to sell your product on Hiphub? Don’t worry, we got your back!

For those who haven’t registered, click here for registration.

STEP 1: Click ‘product’ on the left side to add your product to your store.

STEP 2: Once you opened the product section, click ‘add new’ to add your new product.

STEP 3: Choose your type of product. For explanation:

  1. Simple product: Product that does not have any variant; i.e colour, size, etc
  2. Variable product: Product that does have variant: i.e colour, size, etc
  3. Grouped product: Products that consist of simple standalone products that are presented as a group. I.e you can offer variations of a single product or group them by season or theme.
  4. Affiliate product: Temporary not available for this type of product.

STEP 4: Next step, insert your product title, price (simple product), product image, and product descriptions. Don’t forget to categorize your product to be well-appeared in the listings.

STEP 5: Insert your Stock-Keeping Units (SKU). Click on the ‘manage stock’ when you choose for simple product and insert your number of stock.

STEP 6: In this section, it is necessary to fill up all blanks for the data to be sent to the courier services.

STEP 7: The attribute section is only for Variable Products which you need to create the type of variant for your product, i.e size and colour.

STEP 8: The variations section will be automatically available after you created your product variant in attributes.

Below are examples of the necessary details you need to fill up.

STEP 9: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the meta for your product to appear effectively in the browser search. Make sure to include ‘| Hiphub’ in the title for an excellent SEO.

STEP 10: Final step, fill up completely your product policies. The policies must be aligned with Hiphub’s policies as well.


There you go! You have finally submitted your product and to be listed on Hiphub! Reviewing process will take 1-2 days and after your product gets approved, you are good to go to make a profit!